Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lords and Ladies of the Plains…

Potentially too much sugar has been had.

The site has now been updated with some new content:

Executives now have information updated on the About the Execs Page
Special Guests has been updated with Force Start Entertainment!
AMV Contest submission information has been added to Be Involved

So what have the execs been up to lately? 

Well, we had a minor set back with the exact location at the Medicine Hat College.  Due to renovations we have lost the S Wing and are currently scoping out other wings EXCEPT the F Wing.  Our feedback last year really didn’t like that wing and we honestly didn’t like it either.  We want to have a good flow this year so we are very concerned with where we will end up, however, the wings we are looking at are very promising (I’m in favour of the wing that has a perfect corner for our Zombie Maid Cafe!)

Besides that we are still trying hard to become a club at the College so we can gain some much needed benefits for fundraising. 

We are also accepting donations, sponsorships, volunteers and people interested in being executives.  Our staff is running a few less than last year and we would love to have some new input and help.  The 4 Horsemen are doing very well creating this Apocalypse on their own though.  Anyone interested in donating prizes or monetary funding can reach us via our Contact Us form.  If you know of a company that would like to sponsor us in exchange for advertisement space on the website and on our convention programmes that would also be most <Monty Burns Voice>excellent</Monty Burns Voice>.

In the works:

Anime Night at the Monarch!
Online Auction
MHFRU College Club
Website Updating
Lethbridge Expo!
Otafest Aurora (Just visiting no booth – maybe we can play “Where’s Waldo” with the Execs)

That is all my minions!

Krys (Sealed Evil in a Can aka Co-Chairman)