Friday, June 20, 2014

Twas the night before the Roundup
And all through Med Hat
People were scared of FLOODING
Now what good was all that??

The signs will be pinned around as they may
But some will get lost no matter how many we lay
The events are all set and the tables prepared
In the hopes that our vendors will soon setup there

Now we hope and we pray that guests will come soon
No flooding, no tornadoes, no bloody monsoons.
If we are lucky none of this will transpire
We said this con would happen don't make us a liar!!

Thanks to you and to all for coming this time
We want the masses, the crowds, the huge freaking lines!
If we don't we are sad and will pack it all in
But if we are great we will leave with big grins!

So come in and come stay for the event all day
Women's Shelter will get proceeds from the pizza hoo-ray!
And if we succeed like no other year before
2015 will happen much bigger, much more!!

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