Sunday, February 23, 2014

Website Updates Inbound!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have caught up on my first contact/confirmation of all exhibitors (except two from this past week) and I will be re-emailing them again to get “press kits” to fill up our sections.  These exhibitors are what we will be calling “semi-confirmed” as they have sent us a request form, we have received it, confirmed receipt and just require fee payment to ensure their appearance.

We are still in the process of confirming the 404s hence why they are not up on the site yet(unless something has changed without me knowing which can happen as I am not omnipresent).

We may also have a book author show up to do a panel.  Waiting for them to get back to us :)

We are still not setup for PayPal just yet.  We have an account but have to send some legal stuff to PayPal to confirm we are a not-for-profit group so that any funds going in we will actually be able to take out before a certain HUGE minimum is met.

Still focused on funding.  I’m currently applying for a grant for the MHFRU.  I stopped for a moment when I got hung up on a question I didn’t understand but my sister-in-law, who does this a lot for her job, explained it out for me.  We hope someone is willing to help fund us as it would really make me feel better and not mildly panicky in the night.

That is the big update of openness from us


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