Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Thank You Part 2

A big glaringly obvious piece of the puzzle was missing from our wrap up letter from last week.


Before I begin my long and heartfelt swoon monologue for the 2014 volunteers I would like to remind everyone that we always need volunteers.  We need them from the planning phase to the day of to the days after.  We look good on a resume, we can give you a reference, AND we are working to register with a government bursary program where we can take on students as interns so it will help with specific areas we need that you can benefit from!  Stay tuned for that (I hope we qualify!)…oh and like this year we will probably have a Volunteer Prize Draw Basket again!

It is not enough to say thanks to the few people that stepped up and helped us out. It was no small task and having just even a small amount of pressure off was greatly appreciated. 

We had our parents come and help, my husband, friends and several genuine volunteers.  I wanted to tell a little bit about my personal experiences during the convention because it really truly meant a lot that we had a couple absolute stand outs.  This is not to lessen any of the other volunteers contributions just know that we loved you all no matter how big or small your portion of the load was – we needed everyone!

The day of the con I ended up with 2 sets of minions. 

The first set a girl named Tailar and her little elf friend whom I don’t remember her name came to my rescue and helped setup the Cosplay room minutes before the event was to start.  Somehow we forgot to get someone in there and arrange all the chairs and move the tables.  >.<

I only found out afterwards they were friends of Keanna (one of the executives) and Tailar had plans to help out anyways, however, from my view of things all I saw was two attendees just walk right in and help me out.  They kept helping out the rest of the convention from 1pm onwards to closing and take down.  I was very impressed.

My second set actually can technically be my first since they were there for pre-setup day and during setup.  Allie M and Mary popped up like wack-a-moles awaiting tasks, they’d be set off to do them and BAM they would pop up again waiting to do more.  They moved tables, assigned badges, cut the badges when we found out I had misprinted and missed some all together, they ran back and forth for me to the storage room (I’m a gimp so they were much faster) and they did so much else.  Allie was also a Maid (1 of 3) for our cafĂ©!  They put in several hours of work and always seemed up for more.

I was just so impressed by all our volunteers being so eager to help and I mean GENUINELY help.  I would have probably fallen apart by 2pm if they were not there to lend  a hand.  THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

From my tally we had 7 volunteers who had no association to the executives prior to the event.  It’s a small pool of people to pull a draw from.  Did you remember that part?  Any person that was a volunteer (NOT an exec or parents, sorry!) were entered in to win a prize basket we slowly collected over the past year.  The winner?


(sorry no photo of her outfit ;_;)


There may be more in this basket than what is shown…

Thanks again to all our volunteers, friends, family, exhibitors and everyone who came to check out what we worked hard to put forth!

Caio for now

Cap’n Krys Christoffersen

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