Friday, August 22, 2014

It’s the END of the Summer Soon…

Hello darlings,

Yes, we at the MHFRU get really quiet over the summer.  We take it as our time off and do a lot of fun personal stuff before we hunker down and get back to work. 

The Roundup this year was a success and we hope to grow that success next year.  So here’s a general list of things that we will be starting to do and will be discussing at our first meeting.

1.  Setup 2015 meeting #1 in September.  Looks to be September 6th at the MH College – Room and time TBA.

2.  Garner new volunteers, interns and executives. (There is a MHC Club Fair in September we want to attend, a Government bursary program we are signed up for and a general invitation through Facebook and last years volunteers we have in the works)

3.  Finalize MHFRU date.

4.  Redesign Website.

5.  Plausibly consider new Special Guests (we have 1 tentatively booked and we could gain maybe 1 more with a proper Sponsor!)

6.  Look into Extra-Life game party

7.  Look into New Year’s Eve Costume Ball?

8.  Plan out our Convention Tour for the new season.

9.  Discuss the Quality over Quantity approach we have – general idea of how much less we want to have and what worked best this past year.

10.  Budget!!

11.  Discuss Otafest Aurora – table?


Definitely more to it than that but I have to remember it to add it! :)

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